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Wine and Weed

Mar 2, 2022

Chris Reinacher & Steelo Brim talk about the stories of the week. This week, they cover Russia invading Ukraine, President Zelenski's  Reaction, The Tinder Swindler, paying for extravagent dates, Gary Payton, Shaq's Pee Bucket, Hazing Rituals, Eating 1000 Fries, Target raising their wages, and more. Alahna Jade reads...

Feb 16, 2022

Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher are joined by special guest Jemele Hill & friend of the show Keshia Chante to talk about the Super Bowl half time show, dying of a broken heart, Jonathan Allen saying that he would want to have dinner with Hitler, the continuing saga of Kanye West and more. 

Jan 26, 2022

Chris Reinacher & Steelo Brim are joined by comedian Moses Storm (HBOMax) to talk about taking compliments, instagram becoming a paid platform, scamming, winning the lottery, HGTV host Ty Pennington, parents spanking their kids, and his unique background growing up inside of a cult.  Alahna Jade reads...

Nov 27, 2019

Chris and Sterling round out Season One by inviting their friends and previous guests over for a Danksgiving Edible Feast.  Guest appearances by Quinta Brunson, Terrence J, Justin Combs, Jared Popkin, Angelica Trae, Kylie Alesso, Julien Edwards, Halle Wangler, and more. We talk about Tesla, Thanksgiving Camgirla,...

Oct 30, 2019

Chris and Steelo discuss Halloween, pedophiles, bride costumes, political holiday statements, rats driving cars, Katie Hill's resignation, university reparations and taxes.