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Wine and Weed

Aug 26, 2020

Zach Kornfeld, of The Try Guys, joins Chris, Steelo and John in the living room. They talk the DNC,  Lemonade Robberies, swing sets, astroids, mascots getting cancelled, covid brothels, and a ton of personal stories along the way. 

Aug 19, 2020

YesJulz joins Steelo & Chris on the couch to talk about OnlyFans, WAP, Kamala Harris receiving the Vice Presidential nomination, Mia Khalifa's activism for Lebenon, Cuba Gooding Jr's lawyer and a treaty to stop Killer Robots. John Ros reads the facts. 

Aug 12, 2020

Chanel West Coast joins Chris and Steelo on the couch to talk conspiracy theories, bear attacks, Jake Paul's FBI raid, how she got covid, defunding the police, America's Dad and more. 

John Ros reads the facts. 

Aug 5, 2020

Frankie Delgado sits down with Steelo, Chris and John in the living room to talk about writing song writing, the future of TikTok, The Ellen Show, a man with a penis on his arm, Black Is King and what the future has in store in the world of nightlife.